December 2013

Experimenter is a magazine created by EAA for people who build airplanes. We will report on amateur-built aircraft as well as ultralights and other light aircraft.

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H in t s F or H o m e b uil d e r s Revised Engine Stand By Michiel Bouwens, EAA 553701 After reading last month's hint about a simple engine stand, member Michiel Bouwens, EAA 553701, offered this caution: "After doing maintenance and repairs on GA aircraft for more than 25 years I have seen a number of damaged engine mount frames. All these frames were damaged by placing the engine on the shop floor in the same way the article on page 29 (November issue) suggests. The lack of fixed points at the firewall connections will cause the 'legs' of the truss to slip outward and may even cause the engine to fall over without warning. Putting it on wheels will make it worse. Engine mounts are not intended for this and will be overstressed and deform or crack. However, you can store your engine like this but only by [mounting the engine] a piece of plywood of at least ¾-inch thickness connecting all the firewall ends together. Use the proper bolt diameter. Feel free to put it on castoring wheels far enough apart to make it stable." Hints for Homebuilders Videos Here are more of the nearly 400 Hints for Homebuilders videos that are available online here. Weight and Balance Part 1 of 7-part series on weight and balance. EAA Flight Advisor and Technical Counselor Joe Norris discusses the datum and locations that require an arm measurement used to establish a weight and balance document. Drill Alignment Jig Fred Stadler demonstrates use of a simple alignment jig designed by EAA's master craftsman Bauken Noack. This jig is especially useful to ensure precise installation of a wing's drag/anti-drag wires. Wood Wing Rib Jig Construction Dave Clark shares some tips on making a wood wing rib jig. At the time, Dave and other members of Chapter 1311 were helping Paul Poberezny construct a replica of a Mechanix Illustrated Baby Ace, which is now being completed by EAA Chapter 640 in Wausau, Wisconsin. Solenoids: Master Relay and Starter Relay Dick Koehler discusses the operation and installation of the relays. Dick is a Technical Counselor for Chapter 186, A&P aircraft mechanic with Inspection Authorization (IA), and SportAir Workshop instructor. 30 Vol.2 N o.12 / December 2013

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