October 2012

Experimenter is a magazine created by EAA for people who build airplanes. We will report on amateur-built aircraft as well as ultralights and other light aircraft.

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E-Mail Readers React To the "new" Experimenter! The digital Experimenter provided a good read. Accessibility was good as well. While my specifi c interest areas are LSA, motorgliders, and ultralights in an E-AB context, the coverage of experimental subjects (e.g., the 1/3 B-17) helps in appreciating the work of other people. Thanks for your efforts, Harold Bickford EAA 567796 I really like the digital Experimenter. Keep up the good work. I'm building a Pietenpol and love articles about homebuilding. Arden Adamson EAA 126141 Just fi nished the "new" Experimenter and must congratulate all associated with this enterprise…It is great! Will be looking forward to subsequent editions. Doug Brownlee EAA 28103 Pros I like the format, the tool used to deliver, etc. Article: Celebrating Older Homebuilts – Home run! Article: Can't Keep a Good Plane Down – Good! Hints for Homebuilders – Love these. And so few people know about them—why? What Our Members Are Building. Safety related articles—experimental—such as the article "Transitioning to Experimental or Unfamiliar Airplanes." Flight Testing Techniques. Lack of ads—good move! Cons Chapter News – Keep that in Sport Aviation. Anything about certifi cated aircraft such as "Cessna to Change Skycatcher Certifi cation"—what part of this is experimental? Anything about Continental Motors' "diesel turbo" yada yada—what part of this is experimental? News from HQ – Leave that for the EAA fl agship publication. If HQ is building an E-AB, fi ne, otherwise I don't want to read about HQ. Keep out articles about AirVenture—the most commercialized gathering of aviation. This is not grassroots E-AB stuff; better left to Sport Aviation. The new Experimenter is a bit too much like Sport Aviation. Think about the people who build E-AB and stop writing about companies like Cessna and Continental. And I would like to see a heavy emphasis on safety of E-AB—how can the E-AB builder make a safer plane and improve E-AB safety overall. Bob Dewenter EAA 773828 Send your letters or comments to experimenter@eaa.org. 4 NO. 2/OCTOBER 2012 Need to change your address or have other membership questions, call 800-564-6322 (800-JOIN EAA). EAA® Logo® and SPORT AVIATION® and AERONAUTICATM , the EAA are registered trademarks, trademarks, and service marks of the Experimental Aircraft Association, Inc. The use of these trademarks and service marks without the permission of the Experimental Aircraft Association, Inc. is strictly prohibited. PUBLICATIONS STAFF Founder: Paul H. Poberezny Publisher: Rod Hightower Vice President of Publications: J. Mac McClellan Homebuilding Community Manager: Chad Jensen Editor: Mary Jones/EditEtc. LLC Graphic Designer: Chris Livieri News Editor: Ric Reynolds Copy Editor: Colleen Walsh Multimedia Journalist: Brady Lane Visual Properties Administrator: Jason Toney Contributing Writers: Budd Davisson, Cy Galley, Dan Grunloh, Tim Kern, Ed Kolano, Pat Panzera, Hobie Tomlinson European Correspondent: Marino Boric ADVERTISING Display Sue Anderson Jonathan Berger Jeff Kaufman Mailing Address: P.O. Box 3086, Oshkosh, WI 54903-3086 Phone: 920-426-4800 Fax: 920-426-4828 E-mail: experimenter@eaa.org Website: www.EAA.org

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