February 2013

Experimenter is a magazine created by EAA for people who build airplanes. We will report on amateur-built aircraft as well as ultralights and other light aircraft.

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R e d d y K il o w a t t M e e t s t h e Ul t r a li g h t A two-seat, all-composite light-sport aircraft kit, the ElectraFlyer-X, was promised next. That prototyped but still-unproduced beauty is on hold, a victim of FAA's ponderous process of formulating an electric power speciļ¬cation for the light-sport aircraft category. Undaunted by the languors of officialdom, Fishman returned to the air show circuit in 2012 with the ElectraFlyer ULS, a drawing-board-fresh, single-seat, 245-pound ultralight (gross weight 520 pounds, useful load 266 pounds). The ULS will also be offered with a gas-powered engine. Intended as a motorglider, this graceful bird sports an 11.2-meter (36.75-foot) wingspan and is already in production with a 90-day delivery. The sticker price of $59,000 ($64,000 with the "full" battery pack) seems a mite stiff for the category, but this is no ordinary ultralight. First and foremost, the ULS is all-electric and thus one of a select group that includes the Yuneec E430 and FlightStar eSpyder (still unproduced prototypes); and Pipistrel's Taurus Electro G2 two-seat sailplane and Fishman's own purpose-built electric trikes (which are in production). Other available electrics include the single-seat PC-Aero Elektra One and Lange Antares 20E, but those beauties cost $145,000 to well over $200,000 respectively. Isn't $59,000 looking better already? Te motorglider's wings are removable for ease of storage and trailering. Te twin tail booms have twin rudders, and the wings have a mild dihedral angle to help the aircraf track well, Fishman said. The ULS is a sleek, purpose-built, carbon-fiber/foam composite lovely with near 2-hour endurance and Preparing to charge the batteries of the electric-powered aircraf. Te batteries can be charged in the aircraf, if you're planning to make a couple of fights during a day, or the batteries can be removed for charging at home. 18 Vol.2 No.2 / February 2 013

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