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Experimenter is a magazine created by EAA for people who build airplanes. We will report on amateur-built aircraft as well as ultralights and other light aircraft.

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EAA Experimenter 19 ULPower from Belgium also builds engines in a normal aircraft engine confi guration but with many modern features as opposed to traditional manufacturers. Its engines range from 97 hp to 200 hp, also in air-cooled, fl at-four and -six confi gurations. www.ULPower.net We should note that the previous two engine lines get their good power-to-weight ratio in part by rating them at a higher rpm than Lycoming and Continental engines. That means to use that higher horsepower they have to run a smaller-diameter prop and thus lose some low-speed ef ciency compared to the Lycoming, Continental, or the geared Rotax engines. You can't fool Mother Nature. The acceptance of the above engines is helped by their adherence to a conventional light plane engine confi guration of fl at, air cooled, and direct drive. That statement also holds true for the most common of auto conversions, the VW air-cooled in one-half and four-cylinder versions and the Corvairs in six-cylinder and one-third versions. Another new contender in the cut-down engine arena is Pegasus Power with one-half of an O-200. It is a parts kit of specially made parts such as the crankcase, crankshaft, rods, and piston assemblies, using as many stock O-200 parts as possible to make a fl at twin O-100 of between 50 to 60 hp. http://FlyPegasusPower.com/wp Here's a list of websites featuring VW-based engines: AeroVee www.AeroConversions.com Great Plains www.GreatPlainsAS.com/index.html Hummel Engines (Scott Casler) www.HummelEngines.com Better Half VW www.BetterHalfVW.com/engine.htm Revmaster http://RevmasterAviation.com Motorav Aircraft Engines is a division of a Brazilian company that makes magnesium and bought VW's Brazilian magnesium foundry. It has developed a much-improved version of the VW with models up to 115. www.Motorav.com Corvair-based options can be found from these sources: William Wynne www.FlyCorvair.com 1/3 Ultra Vair www.Ultra-Vair.com There are air-cooled, fl at twin engines with propeller reduction units: HKS from Japan has stopped producing engines for the avia- tion market, but some are still available. And more importantly, it is still supporting its 80-hp turbocharged fl at twin engines. Their well-regarded 60-hp carbureted engine is still available. It is air/oil cooled with a gearbox reduction drive and comes in at about 120 pounds. www.HKS-Power.co.jp/hks_aviation , www. GreenSkyAdventures.com , www.QuickSilverNE.com Verner Engines from the Czech Republic makes fl at twins— air cooled, 80 hp, at only 60 pounds, and a 35-hp liquid-cooled fl at twin engine. http://VernerMotor.eu Flygas has modifi ed what looks like a Citroen fl at twin by the addition of a supercharger and a prop gearbox into a 70-hp, 12-pound airplane engine. www.Flygas.info/en/index.html The Hexadyne P-60 is going to be reintroduced. It is also a 60-hp engine. www.HexatronEngineering.com/prod02.htm William Wynne has educated people to the fact that they can make an O-200 class engine for a fraction of the cost. William's conversion package is based on the Corvair engine of the 1960s. Pegasus Power has a kit of special parts to make a 60-hp, O-100 fl at twin engine using O-200 cylinders and components. The custom crankshaft and lightweight rods and pistons make for a smooth-running engine as demonstrated at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2014 in the Utralight/Lightplane area. AutoPSRU's offset up gearbox is quite compact and has a complete oil system, including an optional prop governor. Photography courtesy of Murry Rozansky

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