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Experimenter is a magazine created by EAA for people who build airplanes. We will report on amateur-built aircraft as well as ultralights and other light aircraft.

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22 Vol.4 No.2 / Februar y 2015 ENGINES FOR HOMEBUILDERS ON A BUDGET toothed belt reduction with a proprietary "soft" coupling in the prop sprocket. Jeron Smith, Raven's principal, expressed a desire at AirVenture to fi nd a buyer or partner to take over the engine part of his business so he can get back to working on his aircraft project, which is what got him into the engine business to begin with. www.Raven-Rotor.com Aeromomentum Aircraft Engines is a new source for Suzuki engine conversions. It has a source for new engines that it has used for quite a while in the marine part of its business. The four- cylinder engines are available in upright and 70-degree slanted versions. Aeromomentum has its own custom gear reduction unit and a refl ashed electronic fuel injection (EFI) computer. These engines are slightly heavier than the EFI 100-hp Rotax but at less than half the price. www.Aeromomentum.com/ Air Trikes supplies gearboxes and other components for Suzuki, Fit, BMW, and other engine conversions. www.AirTrikes.net/engines.shtml Autofl ight is a New Zealand company that makes gearboxes for Subaru and other engines. www.Autofl ight.co.nz/reduction Cam Drive auto engine conversions have been around for a while. http://Firewall.ca/index.html Airfl ow Performance has been making mechanical fuel injec- tion systems for experimental aircraft for a number of years. www.Airfl owPerformance.com/html/site_html.html Simple Digital System makes electronic fuel injection/ignition systems that are well suited to and used on experimental aircraft. Ross Farnam, the owner, thinks enough of his product to fl y the SDS-equipped Subaru-powered RV that he built. There is much useful info on the website. www.SDSefi .com Rotax, Hirth, Compact Radial, and Simonini gearboxes have also been adapted to other engines. Where are the Wankel rotary engines? They are out fl ying and more are being built. Thanks to Mazda, there are rebuildable cores available, and they are some of the easiest, least expensive engines to rebuild. It is very much an experimenter's engine. The best single source of information is Paul Lamar's website. www.RotaryEng.net Some of the aforementioned gearbox suppliers have reduction units for the Mazda Wankels. One of the pioneers of rotary con- versions was Lou Ross. He developed a propeller speed reduction unit (PSRU) based on a planetary gear set from a Ford automatic transmission. After Lou passed away, it was improved and a new version was available from Tracy Crook, who has retired, again making the lightweight PSRU unavailable. Patrick Panzera, the former editor of Experimenter and publisher and editor of Contact! magazine, has stepped up to make the planetary PSRU available once more. If you have any interest in alternative aircraft engines, the best source of information is Pat's Contact! magazine. You can catch up with back issues and there are four volumes available of the best articles. www.ContactMagazine.com Other rotary engines include: Rotron, a small Wankel. www.RotronAero.com Woelfl e Rotary, a small Wankel derived from a kart racing engine. www.Woelfl e-Engineering.com The Verner JCV 360 is a compact, liquid-cooled fl at twin four-stroke engine of 35 hp and 60 pounds. It is successfully fl ying some single-place light aircraft such as powered parachutes. UL Power has added modern features to its conventional light aircraft engine confi guration, which will aid its acceptance as the engine proves its airworthiness. Photography courtesy of Murry Rozansky

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