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Experimenter is a magazine created by EAA for people who build airplanes. We will report on amateur-built aircraft as well as ultralights and other light aircraft.

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EAA Experimenter 9 JERRY FOLKERTS, EAA 102697, of Troy, Missouri, is selling plans for the fi rst kit pedal plane patterned after the Van's RV series of homebuilts. Over the past year he and a friend, who is a retired machin- ist, put the fi nishing touches on The Pedal RV. Recently their website went live, and orders for the $69.95 plan sets ($10 shipping) are being taken. Folkerts, president of EAA Chapter 1387, will donate $5 to the chapter's Young Eagles program ef orts for each set of plans sold. Folkerts' "secret" project was prompted by a post on the Van's Air Force forum in early 2014 suggesting that someone design a child's pedal airplane made out of aluminum that looked like an RV. His friend, Charlie Eubanks, provided the expertise and advice as the two de- vised a design and construction plan and began cutting aluminum. Over the sum- mer Folkerts fashioned the pieces, Clecoed everything up, and Eu- banks disassembled and precisely measured before fi nal riveting. In the fall they created an extensive 21-page manual featuring lots of photos along with 2-by-3 foot dimension CAD drawings. "Maybe in a couple of years we can have a judging contest at Oshkosh for outstanding workmanship!" Folkerts said. He also suggested chapters could build one and auction it off as a fundraiser. Folkerts fl ew in the Air Force and has built a Pietenpol. He's about two years away from completing a Murphy Super Rebel. RV Pedal Plane ROTAX HAS INTRODUCED a new process to expedite the timely dissemination of important information. Rotax recommends that when a temporary revision (TR) document is released, it should be printed (single-sided) on yellow paper. The cover page should be inserted as the fi rst page of the manual af ected. Each of the temporary revision pages (numbered "3A," "7A," etc.) are to be inserted just ahead of their corresponding pages in the manual. Before updating a manual with temporary revision pages, be sure to check that you have the latest revision of the manual. Rotax recently released two TR documents: • TR-IM 912-001 (for 912 Installation Manual) • TR-IM 914-001 (for 914 Installation Manual) The information provided in these temporary revision pages will be incorporated into the next revision of the manuals (planned for release in the second quarter of 2015). Download the TR pages . New Documentation Procedure for Rotax Temporary Revision Pages VETERAN GLIDER INSTRUCTOR and desig- nated pilot examiner Dick Eckels shares a lifetime of knowledge in A Soaring Pilot's Handbook, a comprehensive new book on mastering glider fl ying. A Soaring Pilot's Handbook delves deep into the intricacies of learning to fl y a glider while maintaining an easy-to- read style. The book includes nearly 200 pictures and diagrams to help explain the important concepts. Color images abound in the e-book format, while the coil-bound handbook includes crisp black and white images along with a color appendix showing cloud forma- tions important to soaring. A Soaring Pilot's Handbook is orga- nized by the areas of operation found in the FAA Glider Practical Test Standards. It is an excellent resource for students starting their fl ying pursuits in a glider as well as for existing pilots with an interest in powerless fl ight. A Soaring Pilot's Handbook is also a great resource for glider pilots who would like to brush up on forgotten or missing information. This handbook should also be considered an indis- pensable teaching tool for glider fl ight instructors. A solid learning foundation can lead to a more fulfi lling and safer fl y- ing experience. A Soaring Pilot's Handbook is avail- able as a coil-bound, printed book [M135A] for $39.95 or a convenient PDF e-book [E630A] for $29.95. Either format may be ordered at Sportys.com. The printed book may also be ordered by call- ing 1-800-SPORTYS. New Soaring Handbook Available From Sporty's

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