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Experimenter is a magazine created by EAA for people who build airplanes. We will report on amateur-built aircraft as well as ultralights and other light aircraft.

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EAA Experimenter 15 employ it. The HACman mixture control comes from www.GreenSkyAdventures.com . T HE OR AT E X C ONNE C T ION Hal's airplane was displayed at AirVenture at a prime spot in front of the commercial booth for Oratex fabric. Com- pany spokesman Lars Gleitsmann noted there were at least four others at the show covered with Oratex, including the Valdez STOL champion Lil Cub by Frank Knapp. This new-technology, prefinished fabric is already flying on 200 airplanes worldwide. Installation is very fast. Glue it on, shrink it, and go fly. It does not have to be painted but can be if desired. Color choices are limited. The heat-activated ad- hesive is nontoxic. The fabric is tough, strong, and certified for aircraft in Europe. The cost is similar to painted Dacron. But the covering time required is much less, and the weight savings can be 15 to 20 pounds on the entire airplane. Hal decided to replace his stock 9-gallon wing tanks with new RANS 13-gallon poly fuel tanks, so the wings needed recovering. Hal doesn't mind covering, but he doesn't care to paint, so he decided to give Oratex a try. He said there was a little bit of a learning curve; but he caught on quickly and covering went very well. Because the fabric is lighter, the fuel tank upgrade didn't increase the airframe weight. Learn more about Oratex fabric covering and watch an interview with Hal Stockman at AirVenture 2014 on the website www.BetterAircraftFabric.com . K I T S AVA IL A BL E A ND MORE C ON V E R S ION S C OMING The 88-millimeter Big Bore Zipper 1484 kits are available in 104-hp and 114-hp versions and will work on all Rotax 912 UL and 912 ULS engines. The cost is under $4,500. Hal personally matches up the components and packages and ships the kits, which include cylinders, pistons, rings, and wrist pins. He will install it on your airplane if you fly to his location. It's a simple bolt-on conversion that requires no engine modifications. Around 25 kits have been installed Cylinders (left to right): 92-millimeter Big Big Bore with matching piston, 88-millimeter Zipper 1484, stock Rotax cylinder and piston. Lightweight door to a cargo compartment that can hold two 5-gallon fuel cans.

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