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Experimenter is a magazine created by EAA for people who build airplanes. We will report on amateur-built aircraft as well as ultralights and other light aircraft.

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Is your family secure? Are you sure? Your current life insurance policy may contain an exclusion for pilots. EAA's Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance Plan will help fi ll that gap for less than $1.50 a day. Take care of the people you love. Get an instant quote and purchase your coverage today at EAA.org/insurance. Coverage is underwritten by Starr Indemnity & Liability Company, a Texas insurance company, has its principal place of business in New York, NY and is an admitted insurer rated "A" (Excellent) by A.M. Best Company. Insurance Solutions Administered by Falcon Insurance Agency, Inc. EAA Experimenter 21 powerplant systems part of the APP and outlined them clearly in AC 90-116. These too must be documented in the logbook in some detail and signed of by the person doing them. The BP can do the sign of himself, but they should be treated in the same manner as documentation of the aircraft building process was handled (photos, notes, etc.). Based on the recommendations of AC 90-89 and industry testing of the powerplant and fuel system, the following tests, if applicable, are required: • Mixture and idle speed • Magneto • Cold cylinder • Carburetor heat • Fuel flow • Unusable fuel • Compression WHAT ARE THE QUALIF YING TESTS FOR MAN AND MACHINE? Inasmuch as both the pilot and the airplane are untested prior to any kind of a fl ight-test program, the FAA has developed a short list of items meant to prove the airplane and another list that proves the pilot. When these two lists are combined (aircraft ini- tial tests and BPML), they compose the total initial test package. Aircraft Initial Tests (AIT) Those test items that are aimed at the airplane include: • Eight hours of total time on test aircraft • Taxi testing • Gear and flaps check • Verify pitot/static system • Stalls (wings-level and turning in clean and landing configurations) Builder Pilot Maneuvers List (BPML) Those items aimed at the BP and that must be performed by him/her solely with the QP watching include: • Eight hours' total flight time in test aircraft • Steep turns • Stalls (wings-level and turning in clean and landing configurations) • Takeoff and landing (normal and crosswind) • Slow flight • Go-arounds • Simulated emergency approach and landing Each BP who owns part of the airplane must accomplish the same check items and have them signed of in his or her logbook by the QP.

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