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Experimenter is a magazine created by EAA for people who build airplanes. We will report on amateur-built aircraft as well as ultralights and other light aircraft.

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12 Vol.4 No.5 / May 2015 PAUL'S PL ANES POBER JR. ACE Bringing the prewar Jr. Ace into modern times, the modifi ca- tions included all of those included in the Model C. Plus the wing was extended to 34 feet to keep the stall speed low and climb performance up. The fuselage was widened to make the airplane a true two-place, and there was an option on the aile- rons: the original hinged type or the Frise ailerons that gave snappier performance. POBER SUPER ACE The Super Ace recognized the need to use larger engines, which in this case starts at 85 hp and goes all the way up to 150 hp. The larger airframe was designed specifi cally to mount the heavier engines, so the smaller ones require additional weight ahead of the fi rewall to maintain the same lines and have the CG in the proper place. INTO THE 1960S By the late 1950s, sport aviation had discovered the biplane, and little birds like the Smith Miniplane, LittleToot, and Mong Sport were magazine cover favorites. Their unabashed good looks meant they also scored heavily with builders. However, the extreme small size of some of the aircraft and the design param- eters meant they not only couldn't be fl own by larger pilots, but their landing characteristics might be beyond the reach of the average pilot. So, Paul and EAA went looking for a solution. Or two. EA A BIPL ANE Paul laid out the design and put together a team of engineers and designers, led by Jim Stewart, who were tasked with designing a homebuilt aircraft for the average man. It would be larger (20-foot wingspan) and powered by at least an 85-hp Continental with many being powered by the then-inexpensive 125-hp Lycoming O-290G ground power unit. Its larger-than- normal cockpit easily fi t a 6-foot 2-inch pilot, and its wide gear Pober Jr. Ace Pober Super Ace Photography courtesy of EAA Archives

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