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Experimenter is a magazine created by EAA for people who build airplanes. We will report on amateur-built aircraft as well as ultralights and other light aircraft.

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4 Vol.4 No.5 / May 2015 HOMEBUILDER'S CORNER AS I HOPE ALL of you have heard by now, this will be the last digital-only issue of EAA Experimenter. We will not pub- lish Experimenter in June. Starting with the July issue, Experimenter will be incorporated into EAA's flagship publi- cation, EAA Sport Aviation, so that every member of EAA will receive this excellent content. I see this as a very positive step for the homebuilding community. This change will address the most common request we have had after the publication of each and every one of the digital Experimenter issues: How can I get this in print? It will realign our flagship publication to provide more homebuilding content. In fact, Sport Aviation will be gaining about 16 pages to make room for Experimenter con- tent. Combined with the trimming of some formerly recurring columns in Sport Aviation, you can be assured of getting 20-plus pages every month of Experimenter. Moving this content into Sport Aviation also will allow all EAA members to read these great articles. Although we had more than 40,000 subscribers to the digital Experimenter, that is less than a fourth of the current EAA membership of 189,000. This move will help educate more of our members about how to build an aircraft and, we hope, convince more of them that building their own aircraft is something for them to put on their bucket list. To me this move is just one more demonstration of the renewed commitment to homebuilding that is taking place at EAA. With Jack J. Pelton's leadership, I believe EAA is on a great path. I hope you feel the same way. A THANK YOU TO MARY JONES I would like to personally recognize Mary Jones, the editor of Experimenter, for her excellent work in putting out this maga- zine for the last few years. This issue of Experimenter magazine will bring to a close her work as an EAA editor. Jim Busha, our new EAA publications editor-in-chief, will be han- dling the editorial duties for Experimenter as part of the monthly publication of Sport Aviation. The good news is Mary will continue to contribute articles for Sport Aviation/ Experimenter. She is one of the best people I have worked with during my 15 years at EAA. On behalf of the EAA membership, for your many years of service, thank you, Mary Jones! With that, just like you, I look forward to holding the July issue of Sport Aviation in my hands and flipping straight to the Experimenter section. Onward and upward! Onward and Upward… The future of Experimenter BY CHARLIE BECKER

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