October 2012

Experimenter is a magazine created by EAA for people who build airplanes. We will report on amateur-built aircraft as well as ultralights and other light aircraft.

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NTSB: Worn Parts Led to Fatal Crash at Reno 2011 Deteriorated locknut inserts that allowed trim tab attach- ment screws to become loose and induce aerodynamic fl utter led to the deadly crash of Jimmy Leeward's Gallop- ing Ghost race plane at the 2011 National Championship Air Races in Reno, Nevada, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) reported. The fl utter, caused by the reduced stiffness in the elevator trim system, broke the trim tab linkages, resulting in a loss of controllability and the eventual crash, the NTSB stated. According to a news release from NTSB, the crash on September 16, 2011, occurred on the third lap of the six-lap race as Leeward's highly modified North Ameri- can P-51D was traveling at race speed estimated at 445 knots (512 mph) and experienced a left-roll upset and high-g pitch -up peaking at 17.3g and causing incapaci- tation of the pilot. Seconds later, a section of the left elevator trim tab sepa- rated in flight. The airplane descended and impacted the ramp in the spectator box seating area, killing the pilot and 10 spectators and injuring more than 60 others. The NTSB also concluded that "undocumented and untested major modifi cations" on the aircraft, as well as the pilot's operation of the airplane in the unique air racing environment without adequate fl ight testing, contributed to the accident. Read a synopsis of the NTSB report, including the probable cause and a complete list of the safety recommendations. Wicks Aircraft Supply Announces 4130 Shortage Is Over to help with fabrication and fi nishing. 4130 chromoly tubing, the tradi- tional foundation of tube-and- fabric aircraft and a substantial component in landing gear, engine mounts, and roll structures, is available again in quantity from Wicks Aircraft Supply. Wicks' 4130 chromoly tubing is seamless, rather than welded, and is sold by the foot or by full lengths (usually 18 to 24 feet, depending on diameter). Special-order lengths are also available. Wicks has nearly 200 ways to supply 4130—e.g., sheets, bars, strap, rod; and round, square, rectangular, and streamline tubing. Wicks also carries 4130 TIG fi ller and other welding supplies Wicks is currently offering a special price on one of the most popular sizes—1-5/8-inch OD, .083-inch wall tubing has been reduced from $3.79 per foot to $2.99 per foot (part num- ber R1-5/8x083-41). Visit www.WicksAircraft.com for more information. Lockwood Aviation Launches New Website A new Lockwood Aviation website uses a large number of innovations to make shopping for Rotax parts easier. "More than 3,500 of the parts and supplies that Lockwood carries are now online," said John Hurst, director of sales and technology. With more than 2,000 photos, including en- gine and airframe parts, tools, and supplies, customers can completely confi gure and purchase Rotax Aircraft engines online, including the new 912 iS." It also has real-time online inventory. For more information, visit www.Lockwood.aero. EAA EXPERIMENTER 11

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